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Play MPE Encoder 4.2

Using Play MPE's exclusively created Encoder software, record labels
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Using Play MPE's exclusively created Encoder software, record labels or content owners can upload broadcast quality music or video files directly to Play MPE's secure Internet servers. This software provides numerous options, including the ability to control digital rights management, select and administer trusted users, send mass email announcements, and enhance promotional materials with custom graphics.
Main features:
- Digital delivery of singles, samplers, full albums, and more
- Email notifications directly from the record labels announcing a new track
- Customized email announcements promoting new releases
- Ability to send artist images or album artwork
- Ability to send attachments such as press releases, biographies, etc
- Includes direct user feedback on a release
- Complete list management and label employee account management
- Reporting service - access complete track and user information in real time and receive automated reports
- Lockdown of the release until specified available date
- Includes complete track information which includes: artist, song titles, record label, intro, time, total time, ending, BPM, radio format, images, stations IDs, artist liners, publishing information, writer information, lyrics, and ISRC code.
- Support of CD Text
- Audio Quality Assurance - Choice of standard WAV or HD audio broadcast quality
- Play MPE technology allows embedded audio watermark able to survive analog duplication or re-compression
- Video Stream and Download delivery in Windows Media or Quicktime
- Leaks can be managed
- Tracks are delivered more quickly to the market than with traditional CDs, while eliminating the costs of manufacturing, packaging and shipping.

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